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Darth Vader Kabuto (Shogun Helmet) sets, released by Japanese traditional doll company based in Asakusa, which is celebrating 300th anniversary this year.

Darth Vader was designed in the motif of Japanese armor (armor) originally, the idea that this model reimports the so-called design, and, the one manufactured using the technique of the armor ornament of dolls for the boy's festival.
The visor (bread), the crest (The front is ostentatious.) and the chest (chest) affected by a mask The design of the logo part of a central galaxy imperial army is chosen as the modeling author who deals with a figure prototype of a hero of special effects a lot and Mr. Takayuki Taketani. Additionally everything is made with the traditional technique by the craftsman who mastered until decoration in a detail.
Long achievements was estimated and I won a prize from the Cabinet Office.


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