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Sokutai Hina dolls we made registered a copyright.

SUZAKU-oji street root of all creation, hina.
A doll" registered copyright more than one Japanese doll work right society.
Main streets in sennbonn - doori were SUZAKU-oji street around Heian Shiromachi and a called main street. We need Mr. root of all creation in the imperial palace where we have here. "Mr. SUZAKU-oji street root of all creation" with a work name could call whether it was the history.
I helped to wear it by a wear and a style of the doll in which I don't have a change between much at all creatively from 200 years before. That was a full elegantly (kindness, modesty and abundance), and the strong shape of the Tsuyoshi clothes like a portrait of a court aristocrat daimyo was expressed.


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