Kyuto Yuusoku HiNa Doll Master


News and Information
Sokutai Hina dolls we made registered a copyright. more

The Order of the Sacred Treasure is given from the Cabinet Office more

The craftsman could give Kyoto-shi traditional industry technological award of services more

Darth Vader Kabuto (Shogun Helmet) sets, released by Japanese traditional doll company,which is celebrating 300th anniversary this year. .more
From an American BABSON university in the State of America. Students could come to the tour more
The work “Kyoto Portraits 100“ is a collection of Paintings made by Yann Le Gal of Kyoto Prefecture residents more

The doll made with Louis Vuitton bag (order of the personal collection)more

A doll was presented to Mr. Paul Smith of a worldwide designer.more

.A doll is exhibited in the Guesthouse where I'll meet a state guest in Kyoto Gosho Palacemore


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