Kyoto Yuusoku HiNa Doll Master


Born in Kyoto. A master craftsman of Kyoto-style dolls, and son of Ippo Ohashi the senior, who was an apprentice of the ninth generation owner of Tahei Nakamura. Ippo Ohashi the senior spent over 60 years pursuing the art of Kyoto doll-making.  he then transferred his highly refined techniques on to Ippo Ohashi the junior.  These techniques handed down from father to son made the successful continuation of the traditional art of Kyoto-style dolls possible.  The intricately detatiled and yet bold expression of this style, and the extravagant beauty born even from the midst of dignity, are all characteristics that make this style so deeply entrancing that the dolls pull at your heartstrings the longer you gaze at them. Not stopping with the restoration of the traditional doll-making art form, Ippo Ohashi furthermore actively applied his remarkable skills to new fields as well.   He received great acclamation for the private exhibition held at Kyoto kamigamo Azekura in the year 2000. He has received awards for his work seven times since he was first recognized for his contribution to the 12th annual Kyoto prefectural Arts and Crafts Industry contest.  In 1988 he became an officially recognized artisan under the Japanese traditional Arts and Crafts division of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, and two years later he also received recognition as an artisan of seasonal dolls. In 2001, he received the Grand Prize from the Society of Artisans of Seasonal Dolls. In addition to this fame he is also a centrally representative figure in the field of Kyoto-style dolls.
Kyoto Prefectural Traditional Industry Award for Superior Craftwork
Kyoto City Traditional Industry Fine Craftwork Award
Officially recognized artisan of the Economic and Industrial Ministry
Officially recognized artisan of seasonal dolls
The Order of the Sacred Treasure is given from the Cabinet Office.


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